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Term of endearment. Turtle eggs are precious and commonly do not last to produce a baby turtle.

Pet name for fathers to give their daughters.
Dad: Hello turtle egg!
Daughter: ugh - hi dad.
by KWA2 December 05, 2007
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When you're on the beach and have to take a piss but don't want to go into the water. Instead you lay down, dig a hole near the groin area, and pee in it, much like a turtle does when it lays its eggs.
I was so hungover on the beach I didn't even wanna move, so I just laid a turtle egg instead.
by smashuri November 02, 2010
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Also pronounced “Turdle Egg”. After you have had a turtle poking its head out and you take a raging dump, sometimes your left with a lil nugget of poo up your bum that you poop out later. Thats the turdle egg...
Daniel was getting light headed because he had a turtle poking its head out. After dropping the kids off at the pool he realized that the turdle had laid an egg which ended up having a piece of corn in it so HE WINS!!!

Turtle Egg! Fo Evah!
by Schmendt February 24, 2018
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