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Turkish coffee is prepared by boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a pot (cezve), possibly with sugar, and serving it into a special cup(fincan), where the dregs settle. Turkish coffee is drunk slowly and is usually served with a glass of cold water (to freshen the mouth to better taste the coffee before sipping), though sometimes, especially after dinner, with a small glass of mint liqueur. It is also served with Turkish delight traditionally. All the coffee in the pot is poured into cups, but not all of it is drunk. The thick layer of sludgy grounds at the bottom of the cup is left behind. The cup is then commonly turned over into the saucer to cool, and then the patterns of the coffee grounds can be used for a kind of fortune telling called tasseography (Turkish: kahve fali)
Turkish coffee is called ôïýñêéêïò êáöÝò in Greek, turska kava in South Slavic and cafea turceascain Romanian.
by Acelya May 20, 2007
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Turkish coffee (also referred as Greek or Arabic Coffee) is coffee that is prepared in a specific way. It's pretty dark and thick, and tastes more like espresso, served with water for some health-related reason. It is common throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Balkan countries. It's considered a traditional beverage served in Turkish, Greek, Balkan and Arabic restaurants around the world.
Surprisingly enough, the best Turkish coffee I've ever had was in a Turkish restaurant in Berlin rather than anywhere in Turkey.
by barch09 February 16, 2007
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A Turkish coffee usually transpires between two interested parties even though one party’s intrinsic value plummets at the end of the transaction. The dominant party in the negations first deposits a portfolio of diarrhea/feces into the bank of the mouth of the losing party. Many experts and activists of the Turkish coffee claims that such a deposit must be “foamy” and also can be served in a tea cup for those who want to be more sophisticated and not Norwegian. Furthermore, the traditional Turkish coffee, a method formulated by great Turkish stock analysts, is served in a cup and after the “coffee” is consumed, the person can flip over the cup unto a plate and allow for their fortune to be read from the markings and impressions left in the cup. However, legend does have it that the Turkish coffee may have originated in a Turkish restaurant in London.
1.Max cannot find a good Turkish coffee in all of London
2. Ras wishes his mother can serve him her Turkish coffee.
3. It has been well known that heating your Turkish coffee in a kettle can amplify the experience.
4.Luke loves his Turkish coffee served with cocks side by side of him.
by Mary Saves James July 30, 2009
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A slang term describing the process in which 1) a male shits on his partner's face, 2) rubs his butt and nether parts in said partner's face, and finally 3)coaxes the partner into sucking his balls, now covered in his own fecal matter.
My boyfriend makes the best cup of Turkish Coffee--strong and aromatic, just like I like it!

This Turkish Coffee is so thick, I could choke on it.
by Stymey Wilkerson May 09, 2006
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