Someone that doesn’t eat all the food they order.
Micheal Sondermann is today’s tiny tummy because he didn’t eat all his chicken nuggets.
by Dayton Dan January 24, 2021
a squishy moist tummy game
Oh damn gawg did you see that tummy game, let’s do it
by User5626 March 14, 2022
When ur stomach feels like a dick is being arroticated and growing inside of your blatter zone
I have the tummy takes
by Djdoodkfpfpppppp October 31, 2017
Noun: act of masterbating in ones tummy as if the rolls were a delicious Mexican treat.
Dale's girlfriend wouldn't put out on Tuesday, therefore he enjoyed a satisfying tummy taco
by huhnow11 December 3, 2016
A condition where you can't stop shitting yourself.

Symptoms include:

•Shitting your drawers
•Shitting out brown or green water
• A burning asshole
• Stomach Pain


•Taco Bell
•Undercooked takeout


•Drinking water to keep hydrated
BRAT Diet: Bread, Rice, Apples and toast as they are bland foods which wont aggravate the digestive system.
•Not eating Taco Bell
I ate a Taco Bell 3 hours ago and I now have a runny tummy as a result.
by Metallica October 27, 2022