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She gave a great tug job at the end and I busted a nut all over her hand
by Rob December 29, 2003
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Manual stimulation of the penis wherein a distinct base to glans uni-directional motion is utilized with the intention of causing rapid ejaculation in an emotionally non-involved manner.
That crazy ho was giving tugjobs out back of the Taco Tico.
by Slagathor September 21, 2005
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A tug occurs when a special bond between 2 people leads to under the table extra curricular activities involving the gentle stroking of the penis using the hands and/or feet.
"Honey, I hope that you haven't forgotten that today is two-tug-tuesday"
"There's nothing I love better than giving you a tug job with my hands and/or feet on two-tug-tuesday!"
by Sir Tugsalot of Camelot June 05, 2009
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After a single sip of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rachel gives tugjobs to all the men in Heather 4. She is a tugjob world champion.
by Sir Ronald Walker August 30, 2005
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A Womans breast's use to wrap around the male's penis, and done in a up and down motion, while the penis is massaged or worked in this way.

As well, can give a blow job through this
And after that, she got on her knees, with her chest wrapped around my penis for a tug job.
by Sudosu January 17, 2008
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wen a bitch tugs on a mans dick instead of just fuckign himcuz ses a dumbass gay (mad stupid)
tugjobz are gay (mad stupid) Yo bitch gimme a tugjob" or better yet just fuck me
by Jing Ming Chun October 23, 2006
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