That day the boy took a Tuborg instead of a Carlsberg; Alas he was now a man.
by RottenMeat February 18, 2004
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a mans best friend. (closer than any dog.) Proof for the two borgs are better than one theory coming soon.
i woke up and i found that the tuborg had found its way into my bed.
by pat o dwyer October 10, 2006
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extremely bad, negative or disappointing. the worst possible state of affairs
last night was tuborg
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also known as "Tubey", a fine beer for someone low on money but does not want to resort to dutch gold or dunnes larger.At 7.99 its a fine choice for the more siphisticated under aged drinker on a friday night
Head1:look at you ya posh fucker with your tuborg "or tubey"
head2:yes I know haha sticking with dunnes lager i see??
head1:ye man only 80 odd cent a can..jus scrape up a few coppers and ill be on me way
by Porto Lads March 9, 2010
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if u have a friend like that u have always to someone to listen you and you can get free psycologic consultation from her.
people1:do u know who is she?
people2:yeah, she is özge, tuborg özge.
peaople1:oh nice if she is tuborg as she is being özge,i already liked her.
by bsoderror February 13, 2020
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The very tippity top of Danish beer. Its like Tuborg, but its better.
Guy 1: Man, we should go drinking tonight
Guys 2: Yea, but not some of that Carlsberg, miss me with that gay shit.

Guy 1: ofc dude, we only drink the best beer here, Tuborg Classic
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