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TTYB is an acronym meaning Talk To You Before and is commonly used in texting, and social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Friend: Hey, when should I meet you to go to the party?

You: I don't know, I'll ttyb I leave.

Friend: Ok, sounds good
by XxOMGxX January 05, 2013
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a really fun game
it stands for Talk To Your Boyfriend
if someone calls ttyb on you, you have to flirt with the boy no matter if he's 78 years old or 8 years old.
the more guys you flirt with, the more points you get.
If you call a guy "baby", then you get an extra point. If you hug him, you get five extra points.
Suzy: Hey, Georgina, ttyb that middle-aged guy in the red shirt.
Georgina: Heyyyyyyyy Baby!
Middle Aged Guy: Hi?
Suzy: Georgina, you get an extra point because you called him baby.
by wynne56248 September 05, 2008
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