(in theatre) Short for Take the Fucking Note. Used when an actor would take the criticism given to them during notes.
Shut up, and TTFN
by ExtraGayWithGlitterOnTop January 26, 2019
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this used to stand for ta ta for now but is now meaning "time to fuck now"
The page from my boyfriend said, "ttfn" so I gotta go.
by Nick Starr April 4, 2007
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(wrapping up a typical txt msg with a raging slut):
so u performed n a queef fetish porno with my dad 2 weeks b4 we met? ppl were right aboot u... rot n hell n TTFN, whorebag!!
by Naggers69 May 25, 2010
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"Your girlfriend has no rack"
"Ya I know, TTFN!"
by Alexandra Miller July 31, 2008
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Danielle: Hey Jacqueline, what does TTFN mean?
Jacqueline: Um... I don't fucking know?
Erica: Hmm, it means... TALK TO YOU FUCKING NEVER!
by scandalous bimbo June 28, 2007
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I was sitting in the bath when I noticed the time , I freaked out because I was late and hadn’t had my morning yank...TTFN
by creedthoughtsdaily November 20, 2018
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when your with ur bitch of a friend and want to be faggots you can say 'ttfn' when ending a call. it simply means ta ta for now.
guy: im going for a shit now call u bk later ttfn
by jenna tolls 69 August 5, 2020
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