Tsubaki is the Japanese word for camellia flower , which can be interpreted as a warrior's or samurai's bad luck, because of the fact that the camellia flower falls apart all at the same time. Despite that Tsubaki can also mean the emotions longing or waiting, and for especially the red camellia flower it can be represented as love. In western terms the name Tsubaki means excellence.
The Tsubaki flower is a beautiful flower
by Tsubaki haru June 16, 2015
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Dont. You though Boku No Pico was bad? Well Shōjo Tsubaki got banned in japan.
Shōjo Tsubaki, showing that even as an adult. I can be scarred.
by Watching this is a nightmare November 24, 2020
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RONDO's vocalist from D4DJ. Also known gayest bitch for Aoi Miyake.
"Tsubaki Aoyagi kinda fruity..."
by yumikisson3 October 02, 2021
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something worse than boku no pico, and will give any anime watcher nightmares. shoujo tsubaki has been banned in Japan.
Person 1: What is the most fucked up anime
Person 2: shoujo tsubaki, but it isn’t so bad
Person 2 after watching shoujo tsubaki : what the fuck dude, it’s horrible.
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Tsubaki Autoworks a.k.a TA is a Grand Theft Auto 5 modding team.
Guy 1: Did you ever used Tsubaki Autoworks cars?
Guy 2: Yes! They are great
by fummyxdd September 03, 2017
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Tsubaki jushiro is a japanese manga/dujin creator who is specialized in brother-sister hentai.
A : I read "my mai secret" hentai today.
B : what's the sauce?
A : 346527
C : who's created that?
A : Tsubaki Jushiro
by Shahri7ar July 27, 2021
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The second best waifu of Blazblue right behind Terumi.
Player 1: Oh damn look at that Tsubaki Yayoi!
Player 2: They just repeated the same combo over and over and spammed banana super.
by Gwyndodrich January 09, 2022
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