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A web site which sells unique novelty t-shirts. They're called "T-Shirt Hell" because they're slogan is "Where the bad shirts go". Nearly every shirt on the site is offensive to someone, and nearly everyone can find a shirt which offends them. There's no guarantee that everyone will find these shirts amusing, but some people do, and that's the beauty of freedom.
person 1: Did you see the shirt that guy was wearing? It said "Arrest black babies before they become criminals"! That's so offensive!
person 2: Um... have you ever heard of satire? Do you honestly think that the person wearing the shirt actually believes what the shirt says? Visit sometime, they don't discriminate, they're equal opportunity haters, they want to offend everyone* not just blacks.
person 1: Well, I understand satire, but I'm still having trouble not being offended by that shirt.
person 2: meh, you're not required to agree, just as long as you defend his right to wear the thing.
by picklejar August 14, 2004
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Where all the funniest t-shirts come from.
Need some attention? Go to - You'll be running for your fucking life!
by Assholes Inc. September 02, 2003
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