A male homosexual who has yet to come out of the closet (or trunk).
A Scottish slang term for a male homosexual.
For example,

1. Did you see Dave looking at that bloke, I think he is a bit of a trunk monkey.
2. I feel sorry for Dave that he hasn't come to terms with his sexuality yet. He still tries to make his friends think he likes girls, but we all know he's a trunk monkey!
by Dick Splash 2 June 13, 2009
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Noun. The act of mounting your sexual partner from behind and transitioning quickly and unexpectedly to anal penetration. Whislt this occurs, you must assume the position of the classic barrel of monkeys posture and noise.
She asked for the sex of a lifetime so I turned her over and gave her a trunk monkey that she'll never forget...
by LedouxMe January 27, 2017
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1.A bitch that likes having sex in the back of limos with multiple partners for drugs liquor and money,
2. the male sexual reproduction organ when used from behind
1.Man I thought that girl was sweet but my boy told me she aint nothing but a trunk monkey ho
2. Just wait till she sees my swinging trunk monkey
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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opposite of "boo" or "beau". asshole, dickhead,fucker. all not nice things to say to people rolled into one word.
man, you're a fuckin' trunk-monkey for leavin' me at the club!
by shalae December 29, 2004
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