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trumpstitute (trumps•ti•toot)
1. A person considered as having compromised principles in order to align with Donald Trump.

2. A person who engages in trumpstitution.

transitive verb

trumpstituted, trumpstituting, trumpstitutes
1. To compromise ones ethical and moral standards by aligning with Donald Trump.
2. To devote oneself to Donald Trump, especially for personal gain.
example: Florida senator Marco Rubio once denounced Donald Trump saying that he was a "con artist" and that he was "vulgar", yet despite all the lies, alternate truths and personal attacks Rubio still decided to endorse and support Donald Trump for president which makes him a trumpstitute.
by Green Thumb Graphics January 24, 2017
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A Trumpstitute or Trumpstitution is when a bad comedian runs out of material for their act, so they resort to substituting real comedy by insulting/“roasting” Donald Trump because “ecks dee we h8 Drumpf 10/10 comedy”. This results in a bland and overused horse being beaten well past death.

Some prime examples of this can be seen in the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, and a number of other late night shows and “comedians”.
TV Announcer: On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, please welcome our guest, Donald Truuuump!

*idiot dressed in shitty trump costume walks on stage*

*Jimmy Fallon slaps table and screeches like a retarded child*

Me, watching TV: Aw fuck, I was hopin for something funny, but I guess it’s just another classic Fallon Trumpstitute. I’m gonna go choke the chicken.
by J Diggity Dawg May 16, 2018
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