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1 (noun): the act of denying facts

2 (noun): a belief, usually systemic, in something when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary

3 (interjection): an exclamation used when one observes another contradicting himself or denying facts

4 (verb) usually trumpshitting: to cause someone to be flabbergasted

Etymology: compound word; see trump, shit
Synonym: bullshit
1 This candidate is full of trumpshit.
2 He conned many very uneducated people and got them to buy into his trumpshit.

3 That’s trumpshit, my friend!

4 He won another plurality of votes; you’ve got to be trumpshitting me.
by ChinoSanDiego August 05, 2016
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The kind of girthy dump that is so satisfying as it scrapes past the male g spot that you can’t help but pull that face Donald Trump makes when he has said something racist, sexist, ableist or any other -ist that whips his troglodyte followers into a frenzy at his hateful rallies.
Man, I ain’t had a satisfying poo in ages, let’s hope the next one is a Trump Shit that leaves my prostate twitchin’..
by mrbruceman November 18, 2017
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