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A serious physical and mental condition that results in a loud mouth that happens to spews shit like bean-induced diarreah. The things that having trumpmouth cause are things such as:
- not being able to keep secrets
- accidentally embarrassing yourself and the entire American government
- the possibility of accidentally releasing nuclear codes
- not being able to shut the fuck up and nearly causing war over it
- always needing the last word
- saying rude and stupid things and having to apologise immediately

Those with trumpmouth are often seen "sticking their foot in their mouth" to try and coverup for the bullshit they spew.
"ew, I see Jenny. Quick, let's leave before she says something stupid; I've heard she has a terrible case of trumpmouth . That slut."
by alexinwonderland August 27, 2017
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A person who is a braggert or boasts about themselves, who never thinks the may be wrong
She did not want to go out with him because he had such a trumpmouth!
by Willow dancingeyes July 03, 2016
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