An agreement - 'True, that'. A modern day amen, if you like.
by rosa May 2, 2003
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(Pronounced: "True-dat") 1. Slang for "True that," meaning "That is true."; 2. an affirmation by one bro to another bro on a statement; 3. while perhaps not THE truth, an agreement with a homie's opinion, whether it be a like or dislike; 4. Another version of the word ssrite.
MC: "Sup, my brutha? Dis new recawd iz off tha chain!!!"
DJ: "Trudat! Itz da bomb. No way those boyz puttin' out sumpthin' whack."

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The mentioned thing being true.
I think diamonds are a girl's best friend. Trudat.
by Psoodoneem April 18, 2018
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True that. Phrase used to agree to one's statements or comments.
" Man, today has been a phenomenal one Luchini ," REi said. "Trudat!" Luchini replied.
by L. Noir April 3, 2017
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