A plastic container (could be a milk jug or a water bottle) that a trucker pisses in while he is driving his truck. Then he throws it out of the window so that he does not have to stop to relieve the call of nature. Can also be a plastic bag and feces may be involved.
"Don't get hit with that trucker-bomb"
by pedro romero June 8, 2005
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Noun. A receptacle into which a person voids their bodily refuse whilst driving. Said receptacle is often thrown out the window of a moving vehicle like a bomb from a plane.

Gatorade RAIN bottles are a choice vessel for creating a trucker bomb due the large size of the bottle's mouth, which allows a man to place his cudgel inside, therefore eliminating the risk of urination on oneself.
Jimmy the Trucker calls rest stops "homo hangouts". "I never mix it up with those fags," he said. "I just piss me up a trucker bomb and side-arm that monkey out the window. I also shit in Wal-Mart bags while I'm all fucked up on Oxy and Mountain Dew. Keep on truckin!"
by C 2 Shine N C July 22, 2007
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a plastic container (most times a gallon jug) that a trucker has pissed in a has thrown out his window into the land off the road ,THEN WHEN THE MOWER COMES BY THE "BOMB" EXPLODES INTO THE MOWER AND THE ONE OPERATING IT.(hence the name)
"bob" didn't want to stop so he pissed in his soon to be trucker bomb,then chucked it out the window.meanwhile the mower came by and needed to take a shower.
by steve31 January 15, 2008
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A plastic bottle that serves to contain human waste products, and that, through long exposure to intense sunlight, has swelled with vaporized liquids, particularly ammonia from the urine. Once a Trucker Bomb is driven over with a lawn mower or maintainence machine, the bomb "detonates", leaving the the operator and the machine covered in (usually hot) human waste products.
Make sure to load the roadway ditch full of trucker bombs before the county maintenance boys come through with their mower equipment.
by thbopper August 23, 2008
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A plastic container that a truck driver pisses into inside the cab of his truck during daylight hours to be later pitched out usually on the side of the road. This practice has come about by the increasingly strict laws about indecent exposure. Years ago if a truck driver got caught pissing on the side of the road by the Po po, he was given a ticket, end of story. But now if convicted of indecent exposure, you must register as a sexual predator where you live. Much safer to piss in a wide mouth bottle and a whole lot legally less complicated.
Billy Bob Big Rigger builds a trucker bomb every day on his run though Ohio. After dark when the bottle is full, out the window it goes to be later detonated by the poor dick that has to mow the shoulder.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
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When one urinates into a bottle during a long road-trip and then proceeds to throw the bottle out the window of the moving vehicle. Like when a trucker needs to make good time and doesn't want to make a pit-stop.
The semi driver was running behind so he made a quick trucker bomb to catch up on the schedule.
"I really had to piss but i was late to so i made me a trucker bomb"
by Adam Gray November 17, 2006
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