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Trishelle are confident and sexy. Some of the smartest women on the planet. Trishelle's are rare and unique,have big butts,and have a goal for their lives. Trishelle are good listeners but talk nonstop. Trishelle's have lots of friend. Trishelle is the greatest girlfriends th y are good in bed,have expensive taste but will be thankful,and owns how to dress up. Trishelle is upbeat love dancing and music and long showers.
Person 1:Trishelle is looking good
Person 2: I know dibs I'm gonna smash
Person 1:Unfair

Person 2: You know everyone wants her you should've said something
by Coldtrish March 14, 2017
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The most amazing and beautiful girl you will meet. A great friend, who has a wonderful personality. Most Trishelle's are straight. But the white ones are always lesbians.
Damn, I just gotta get me a piece of Trishelle.
by Tdr1986 January 14, 2017
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