Proceding straight to anal sex with a member of the opposite sex without partaking in any of the following three: handjobs, blowjobs or just plain old, in and out, run of the mill, reproductive sex. Excludes the use of hookers. A very difficult operation to undergo.
Oh, that girl at the club, yeh I performed a triple bypass on her.
by Tomas October 5, 2005
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A triple bypass is when someone is eating ass and burps into the asshole of which they are eating, and then said asshole farts it back out
I shouldn’t have eaten all of those wings last night. I accidentally gave my girl a triple bypass.
by sherwinre April 20, 2019
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the process were a male ejaculates in a females mouth, and then she spits it out into her friends mouth, and they spit it back and forth into each others mouth. (3 times)
last night i had a threesome with my girlfriend and her friend, i came in her mouth and they proceeded to do the alabama triple bypass
by lancesteel November 30, 2010
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A girl who is sporting all of the following:
* A whale tail
* A tramp stamp
* A muffin top
"Dude, check out that girl with the hiphuggers on!"
"Damn, I can see the muffin top, the tramp stamp, and the whale tail all at once!"
"Real triple fashion bypass on that one."
by Geoff Lilley October 18, 2007
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If any human being becomes too self-aware of their brain's functions, such as the reflex arc or the chemical reactions in their brain, their brain deterioates, scrambling every nerve ending in the body before shutting down. This is the worst pain known to man; the triple placebo pneumatic bypass.
Some say this is what the matrix does when it looks like one of its captors are going to break away.

This can also occur when a human being spots a glitch in the Matrix, e.g- George Bush Junior being re-elected.
Doctor- I'm sorry... We couldn't save him.
Parent- One minute he was fine and then!... What was it?
Doctor- A triple placebo pneumatic bypass. I'm truly sorry.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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