(n.) The state of being three times as OG as the first level of OG (Original Gangster).
-'Sup triple OG.
-You be trippin', fool.
by I hate bad grammar. April 24, 2004
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Still being in the hood and/or gang-affiliated after three generations of YG’s have come and gone
That dudes got mad respect, he’s a triple OG.
by BeefxMang January 20, 2022
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O fficial
O ld school

O riginal
G angster
Big homie is a Triple OG from back in the day.
by OT DA OOOG July 31, 2019
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Earned to be top OG by being three times the gangster rather then being on the first level of gangster
by Alesia Triple OG December 1, 2011
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OG triple OG iz something ice cube sed in da movie friday after next
wut up OG triple OG
by DR3AM3R April 4, 2008
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