To become so high as to feel as if one is losing the binding connection between the reality of earth and ones testicles.
"How you feeling bro?" ...."Tripping balls"
by StellarHexapus June 5, 2017
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to be in a state of utter panic, disorientation and worry;
freaking out
Max is tripping balls again because that girl never called him back

I'm tripping balls about kiboshing this girl later
by Saashi February 13, 2008
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When youre pretty DAMN high. Like DAMN you're high.
Dude, I'm so tripping balls right now!
by Germolin April 10, 2014
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being a lad.
I was totally tripping balls lastt night!
by TheLad10 July 27, 2010
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This exclamatory sentence is used by someone “peaking” on a hallucinogenic experience. The statement usually comes after a long period of staring off into space or closely examining an otherwise unremarkable tapestry, or better yet, a complicated music visualization program. For some reason it appears to be psychologically necessary to human beings to alert their companions when they are, in fact, “tripping balls,” lest there be any doubt that the imbiber of a hallucinogenic compound had reached the appropriate “plateau” of the experience.

The statement is usually followed by another long period of stupefied silence.
by Circuitloss June 28, 2005
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Originally used in a VGCats comic, used to express the user possessing a large amount of Pokéballs or the noun in question. Can also be used as an argument finisher which can only be beaten by a Spartan cry.
Ash: I'm fucking tripping balls! Ask Oak!

Ben: How many chocolates do you have left? I'm hungry.
Ben: I see.

Justin: So by the site's logic, 1=2.
Simon: That's fucking retar-
Simon: Oh yeah? THIS IS SPARTA!
Justin: Touché
by Xaerun May 28, 2008
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amazed beyond belief over a positive influence; incident; or event. Expression of positive excitement.
The girls at that party had me tripping balls cuz they were so hot.
by Raphael I. David May 13, 2003
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