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1.a person who acts in a niggerish way (they don't neccessarily have to be black)

2.someone or something that has done something really messed up
3.a coniving person
you bring a girl to a dance and she goes and dances with some guys she never met and sleeps wit him......... she is acting triflyn........ someone says a really rasict joke but its not really funny.... they had said something triflyn......
by general turbo March 07, 2010
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Universal word for cool, tight (have to add bro after the word) , or super chill (have to add bra after the word). But can also mean bad, or horrible but you have to have man followed behind the word.
Cool- I got the new Psp. Aww man that's triflyn.
Tight- How does this shirt look on me? It's triflyn bro.
super chill- Man you want to have a triflyn session today?
bad- You want to go to your ex-girlfriends house? Nooo, thats triflyn man.
by soccer 93 August 26, 2009
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