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The face one makes when they are brutally confronted with the sight of the other two people in a love triangle sharing an intimate moment and they are being excluded. This expression may show feelings of jealousy, anger, sadness, longing, betrayal, loneliness, resignation, and/or other negative emotions. Often seen on characters of teenage dramas such as Smallville.
Coined by Dominick Hannah, University of Chicago, BA, BS 2016
After months of flirting, Clark and Lana finally get together and share a passionate kiss in the loft. Chloe walks in and see them, and her face morphs into severe triangle face, filled with despair, hurt, and resignation.
by silentauthor96 May 21, 2016
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A term used to describe a face consisting of a number of triangles. Triangles may be found in the shape of the nostril, The pointy area of the eyebrow, even teeth shaped like a triangle. This can also include wrinkles that come together and appear to make a shape of a triangle. It is rare to find someone with a complete triangle face, however, not rare to find triangular features amongst the face.
Trish: " HAHA! you have a triangle face!"
Maggie: "What do you mean?"
Trish: "When you laugh, your wrinkles come together and it makes a triangle shape... ah... YOU FREAK!"
by BOOKOO November 06, 2007
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