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Trenado is derived from the old spanish tradition of training young men to assist male horses in inserting their erect penises into females for studding purposes
Person A- Hahaha, look at the man, using a horse's cock to fuck another horse with it, what a fucking perv
Person B - What a trenado!!!
by erect, dick, training, spain, January 22, 2014
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The name of an old Spanish warrior who fought in many wars to win victory, a trends will always win victories no matter what, and will never give up until they make their target tired and surrender.

They are likely to be rare and they can't be found early but if u find one you don't want to mess with them. They are well known to fight with people who cause problems to them.

They will be kind and loving and great when talking problems out, but they sure know how to Confort the hell out of you.
Oh look its trenado, how lovely, to see him/ her around!
by Luchicat September 23, 2018
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