When you betray your best friend by screwing his sister
Me and James were best friends till I saw his little sister and committed treason.
by Themadbaron February 22, 2011
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What a Trump does when they don't get their way.
Joe demolished Trump in the election so he had to treason.
by hewritesforODandcoinedthisterm January 16, 2021
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people who fuck up our country spending us into the debt of ass backwards china
the previous FOUR assholes elected to the office of the president of the united states have been spending my money plus buckets of imaginary money to pay off the other assholes who helped them get into office. both the republican party and the democratic party are filled almost entirely with apathetic, hypocritical assholes. It is treasonous to spend a country into debt! The best way to stop treasonous asshole spending is to execute traitors. The fewer assholes the better.
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Mace Windu: The Senate will decide your fate.
Chancellor Palpatine: I am the Senate!
Mace Windu: Not yet.
Chancellor Palpatine: It's treason, then.
by 6ix9ineyearold December 11, 2018
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to be "juked out yo shoes" in such a humiliating way that you cannot live with the intense humiliaty, which leads to things such as depression or basement dwelling; to be horribly demoralized
John: I just got treasoned, now I'm living with my parents again...

Eric: Get a life.
by Eric Alvarez March 19, 2007
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