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An exuberant drug dealer that hones a legendary street stature. He is usually very skilled in multiple aspects of the street game, which are common but not limited to:

*Hitting Licks
*Producing drugs (i.e. Crack, crystal meth, codeine, etc.)
*The art of extortion to gather helpful information and making shady deals
*Fucking Hoes
*Street gambling (craps, spades, dominoes, etc.)
*Conducting new drug dealing spots
*Recruiting fellow soldiers

As you can see, this highly regarded person is multi-talented and is strictly about his business. Just don't be on any dumb shit when you encounter one, because he can either make you or break you.
Aww shit, look who came back in da streets! The trap king just opened a new trap house. Sixteen years in the county jail and he boomin harder than ever now...

Larry Hoover was the most influental trap king known to street history. ($100 million in drug sales alone, can anyone top that?)
by ogdajuiceman December 29, 2010
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The baddest motherfucker on the streets. Sells drugs, does the drugs, has the hoes; Fails Math classes at schools, but, when you're a Trap King, no one cares. A Trap King is ruthless, coming out like a shadow in the dark. He has to know when to slap a hoe, to shoot a pimp, and when to attend Chemistry class to learn how to cook up the drugs. He is it all. He is. THE TRAP KING.
John:Man bruh, Daquan is such a trap king, he has the hoes, the money, AND the drugs!
Bruh:Yeah, I get you. Daquan has my girl, Sharkesia over in the corner on the floor, fuckin' her doggy style right now. He's such a Trap King!
by Trap King/Trap Daddy. March 24, 2015
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Basically a trap queen but is a male, he loves his trap queen and is loyal to her and never lets her get messed or insulted by another guy he makes money and loves trap music
dereck is such a trap king have you heard his hot new mixtape?
by the bae is here April 28, 2015
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A bomb boy, smart, loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated. Never gives up❗️❗️ The best you would ever get
by @icamron_ May 13, 2018
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Probably in your local parking lot, or on a back road on 420 with a big azz snorkel. Won’t find him in a picture with less than 4 girls
Dam TRAPKING whys your snorkel so tall
by THE REAL TRAPKING November 16, 2020
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