A model (typically for fetish films or pics) who plays the role of a female, or male, but is actually the opposite gender, IE: a "female" trap model is actually just a femboy in drag, same with a "male" model.
Synonym for trap when used as an adjective for a person.
Degenerate 1: OMG Sammantha's feet are so FUCKING hot!
The Enlightened: Uh... I think that's a guy.... he must be a trap model.
Degenerate 2: Don't care.
by Suicidal Youtuber #43 August 12, 2021
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On the day 8/8 we all trap all people named Dorothy inside of anything,Rooms,Basements,Bathrooms, just anything.
,,Hey! let's trap Dorothy somewhere today! it's national trap a Dorothy day!''
by Evanushka August 8, 2022
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A Charlie trap is a person who hasn't grown since they were 10 years old, and they could easily dress like a girl and get away with it, thus being a trap.
Mike: Dude that girl is probably a charlie trap.

Dylan: Really? That would make sence.
by MichaelsParkingLot April 15, 2017
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