Freeze your log of poop and place each end in the mouth of 2 people while they are asleep then tape their heads together forcing them to wake up deepthroating your log.
"good damn I taped bigK and littleG's heads into a Waiau Throat Trap last night, they depthroated the shit out of my Log".
by Degcrerson March 29, 2019
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“Bro Ybn cappo bud is trash

“I know and his runner trap meets thinks he got exotic “ Ybn cappo and trap meets are trash
by Nastolit September 9, 2020
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The insult that’ll bring even GOD to his knees, this is the worst insult of all time and will call upon the gods of pain and roasts once said.
Person 1: Yo granny tranny

Person 2: stfu yo sister a trap
Person 1 starts screaming as he melts, and is banished into the void for eternity
by h a l l e l u j a h March 21, 2018
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person 1: Your mom gay
person 2: Your dad lesbian
person 1: *Kidneys explode*
person 2: Don't make me say it

person 1: Do it
person 2: Your grandpap a trap
*Entire multiverse collapses*
by danktrash March 22, 2018
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it's what people scream to win in warfare and blow up the entire universe
Carl: i think i'm gonna say it
Will: Don't do it
Carl: Your grandpap trap
universe: *blows up*
by my uncles dick up my ass March 19, 2018
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13 year old 1: “ur mum gay
13 year old 2: “no u
13 year old 1: “your uncle trap”
13 year old 2: *crying*
by mlp king March 14, 2018
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