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Transrape is a portmonteau of the words translate and rape. To transrape a statement is to take a normal, slightly abnormal, or completely off the wall statement that grammatically makes sense and run it through a long series of translations into different languages using a web based translator such as Google Translate. The purpose of transrape is to make a statement mean something completely different or make it into nonsense by translating it from english to greek, greek to swahili, swahili to croatian, croatian to finnish, finnish to arabic, and then from arabic back to english. Any combination and number of languages can be used, but competitive transraping's goal is to use as few translations as possible to create the biggest difference possible. Typically the best results are gained by using a complex and lengthy statement or insult.
"I have two programs" is a transrape of "I plan on parking a pickup truck in your vagina."

"Apple pleasure and taste the mixture of my aching shame" is a transrape of "I mix pubic lice with my applesauce to get a satisfying crunchiness with each bite" after ten translations.
by Mr.Quackers5380 September 23, 2009
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