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The act of transferring your active game from console to portable handheld gaming system. It's very 2011, it uses a wire. It will replace noob toober, spawn camper, jump/crouch glitcher, and shotty spammer as the behavior of the very lowest and perception affected of gamers. Kind of like playing the companion gaming of Zelda with a Game Boy, but not really as clearly fun. Buries you in your game so that reality as defined by your game can protect the player from the horrors of reality so you are never away from your only friend....your gaming console.
Very useful when your console's online network has been breached. Online play is down so kids transfar their session in hopes of finding someone on the street to play multiplayer on their handhelds with.

That kid is so into transfarring he keeps walking into people on the sidewalk while trying to keep himself immersed in his gaming session.

Transfarring is a way to get people that would normally shut themselves in, afraid to leave their consoles.
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