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The advantage experienced by transwomen over biological women; whereby transwomen have the ability to choose the female gender role whilst biological women have it forced upon them.
"She can't understand why you don't like it, because of her trans privilege".
by terfflump March 15, 2017
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1. The unjust use of the protected status in the lgbtq community participate in tantrums, belittle, or state heterophobic statements against heteronormative people or the act of commiting heinous crimes against heteronormative people with impunity or without proper prosecution.

2. The belief that society should cater to the whim and desires of trans people even if those whims and desires are in direct violation of other people's right to live.

3. The transfer of white privilege into the trans community.
A good example of trans-privilege is when a transgender is allowed to make open threats without fear of retaliation because that retaliation will be considered a hate crime.
by L - Heteronormative Affairs January 05, 2019
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