type of bra worn by very young girls with tiny tits, or even none at all yet to "train" them in wearing such a garment and get them used to it
I can't choose between that lovely girl and her hot MILF mother... it's the opposing charms of the training bra and the D cup...
by Sylvain February 18, 2005
A light-skinned, articulate, and often biracial African-American male that eases his caucasian friends into feeling comfortable around other African-Americans.
I was uncomfortable in West Philly until my frat initiated our first training bra.
by Trained Bra November 10, 2009
When youre a kid and dont have big tits this is what you wear, its worn for the sake of wearing a bra rather than anyhting else.
my sis is into her training bra- cute!
by edwina April 8, 2005
what i wore when i was 5
omg that little girl is wearing a training bra how cute
by Anonymous September 21, 2003