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A traveler that only hops freight trains to get around. Usually has face tattoos. Makes fun of people who travel by other means like "bitch hiking "
That kid thinks hes so traincore but hes actually an oogle
by dabqueen710 June 04, 2016
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A genre of music made to imitate the sound of a train going "chugga-chugga-CHOO-CHOO!" Because trains are pretty heavy machines, you know this is some pretty heavy music. The art of traincore has been passed done from metal band to metal band for roughly ten years, making it an ancient and prestigious tradition. Traincore is not for the weak of heart, and playing it requires mastering precise guitar techniques. Palm muting is done to imitate the sound of the train going "chugga-chugga" down the tracks, and the whistle of the whistle blowing and going "choo-choo" is imitated using pinch harmonics or slides. The last important trait of traincore is the breakdown where the song slows down. This represents the train grinding to a halt so it can refuel. During the late 2000s and early 2010s traincore was the most popular form of metal, but it has since fallen out of favor and now duckcore, which attempts to recreate the sound of the most majestic waterfowl quacking, is more popular.
Did you hear the latest album by Fire The Prostitute? It was so brutal, they're my favorite traincore band.
by Ganondox March 06, 2017
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