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a high school in Flushing, Queens where the best students in the city go. Mostly Asians, but there are some others. Once the students get there, they are bombarded by homework and classwork and collaterals that take forever to complete. Even in 9th grade they are given college textbooks to read and expected to do insane amounts of work. Mostly girls. Better than stuyvesant or bronx science.

Side effects of going to thhs: insomnia, spinal problems, burned out brain, and insanity from stress.
*phone rings*

Friend: Hey Amanda, hows it going

Harrisite: Can't, gotta, study, TEST!!!!

*hangs up phone*

(The average social life of a townsend harris student)
by Actual Harrisite December 21, 2011
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Townsend Harris is a High school in Flushing, NY. It is the most amazing school to attend and although it is highly competitive all the kids there want to learn and have fun doing so. Any bad thing you’ve heard about Townsend is probably false. All the kids have great social lives, have lots of fun, and are admittedly hard working. The only hard part of the school is gym class but everyone gets used to it after a few months.
Another bad thing about Townsend is that every time you call some of your friends dumb they will think that you are using your high school as a way to prove your intelligence.
Jacob: I heard that Townsend Harris is for weirdos
Pedro: It really isn’t, everyone here is really normal
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by Petra Douvalakis October 16, 2019
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