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Tourneyfags are people who make up (often on the spot) and play by non-official rules for video games. These rules are crated as to best suit their play style and/or play ability at any given time.

A tourneyfag of a profound competitive nature is a person who feels that "fun" ruins any aspect of competition from a given video game, and thus any articles that may provide a random occurrence or event within a video game must be removed (or disregarded where appropriate).

Tourneyfags in every sense of the term are complete opposite of generally accepted and widely regarded "tournament players" of any given sport or event who, play by a predetermined, entirely approved set of rules, which are official, and govern each player competing. Within these rules they do not allow for self governing, a referee and/or judge takes upon that responsibility.
Brian wanted to play a competitive game of super smash brothers, but david the tourneyfag would only agree if the rules he made up on the spot were the ones that would dictate their gameplay. No items, fox only, final destination.
by Melissaa March 07, 2008
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A 'tourneyfag' (noun) is a slang term for someone who takes whichever game they are playing so seriously that one or both of these things applies to them:

1. They play the game purely to 'measure skill' than for entertainment.
2. They remove elements that 'unbalance' the game because they care about winning so much.

'Tourneyfags' are generally seen as a disgrace and an embarrassment to the game industry. They feel a need to enlarge their egos by winning. One example of a game with a notable number of 'tourneyfags' surrounding it is Super Smash Bros. Melee.
1. "He refuses to play 4-player matches because he doesn't think they're a good way to measure skill! He is such a tourneyfag."

2. "Only tourneyfags take this game seriously."
by tce2008 April 01, 2008
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A derogatory word used to describe someone who gets the most enjoyment out of playing games when they are playing their best. Often times these people will change the game options to remove random chance occurrences because in their view, they detract from the intensity and skill factor of the game. These people will also generally see no tactic as cheap, as everyone has access to all tactics, and the point of playing is to do whatever possible to win.

Contrary to popular belief, Tourneyfags usually have much more fun playing by their rules, and aren't just setting down the rules so that they can win regardless of the fun factor. This false belief is especially perpetuated against Smash Bros Tourneyfags, as they turn items off and don't go to stages with obstacles that randomly kill people.

This term is most often used by people who suck at a game or play causally so that they don't feel completely inferior to the person who just took them to school.
I may suck at this game, but at least I'm not a tourneyfag.

Tourneyfag's don't like having fun; they always turn off all the items!!1!
by A proud tourneyfag July 10, 2008
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