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A 'tourneyfag' (noun) is a slang term for someone who takes whichever game they are playing so seriously that one or both of these things applies to them:

1. They play the game purely to 'measure skill' than for entertainment.
2. They remove elements that 'unbalance' the game because they care about winning so much.

'Tourneyfags' are generally seen as a disgrace and an embarrassment to the game industry. They feel a need to enlarge their egos by winning. One example of a game with a notable number of 'tourneyfags' surrounding it is Super Smash Bros. Melee.
1. "He refuses to play 4-player matches because he doesn't think they're a good way to measure skill! He is such a tourneyfag."

2. "Only tourneyfags take this game seriously."
by tce2008 April 01, 2008
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A tourneytard (or, tourneyfag) is a person who has become corrupted by the competitive side of a game (tournaments, etc.) to the point at which they no longer play it for entertainment (instead playing it to prove that they are better than someone else). As a result, they attempt to remove elements that could possibly in any way hinder their chance of winning. One example (the only notable one, in fact) of a game which is surrounded by a significant amount of tourneyfags is Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube).

The difference between a tourneytard and a normal person is this:
If a normal person loses due to random and inexplicable chance, they laugh and forget about it.
If this happens to a tourneytard, they whine and sulk because they care so much. Losing deeply wounds them.

There is no known cure to being a tourneytard; however, this is solely because no-one has yet dared to try and discover one.

Examples of use:
1. "Everyone who plays it at school are complete tourneytards, they insist we play by the most boring rules just so they don't have to suffer the 'pain' of losing. ¬_¬"

2. "You're only calling me a tourneytard because you suck at the game! Waaa!"
by tce2008 April 02, 2008
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