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Overly excited or angry. Like an overly tightend bolt about to break. see tourqued torqued
Originated on drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. When a drill string (the drilling pipes) are overly tightend, they have the potential to break, with very bad results. This makes the boss (toolpusher or driller) very angry. Hence he's all torqued up.
"Idunno what the she's all torqued up about."
"Don't get torqued up about it, it's only a casual thing."
by section83b September 08, 2006
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A state of being; Usually referes to being either high on weed or drunk out of one's mind.
Jut: Damn Frank, you were ALL Torqued-up last night!

Frank: Yeah, well, you know how I get off the Beam Rye!
by RadioFreeCT August 06, 2010
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