(n), (adj). Jut (n), originates from Blagowan, South Africa the slang term for poor marijuana that grows in the wild. (n) Jut Marijuana contrasts the high end marijuana strains such as 'Chronic' and 'Skunk'. This low end marijuana still provides the user with the desired "high" , should he/she smoke enough of it.

The word's meaning has evolved and now includes usage as an adjective. The adjective is used to describe something that serves a purpose/ achieves a desired objective, while still remaining noticeably inferior to competitors. eg "Bussing anywhere is so fucking jut" or, "My girlfriend's technique is so jut" However, Should something that does not serve the same the purpose/ achieve the desired result that it's competitors provide, it ceases to be jut: eg "My car is so Jut, it's top speed is only 140Km/h" Therefore it would only be right to call a car jut should all cars achieve the same top speed but said car does it in a minging, or much slower-accelerating way. Essentially making it a slower, uglier alternative to achieving the same thing, this is the essence of 'jut'. This is complex but essentially it is only right to call something jut if it still achieves the desired 'high', the 'jut-ness' refers to the manner of which the inferior jut achieves the same goal.
noun: "The only zol I have is the jut I bought from the gardener. Fuck I'm half stoned right now"
by Shmale August 09, 2010
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A male of the, sometimes secret, ginger haired varitey who has extreme style and very excellent taste.
His opinion is of value from material possessions to peoples character.

You will find him to be "firm but fair", kind and sometimes more than gernerous. Also a loyal, helpful person of high calibre.
"Jut choose the finest of clothing"

"The judgement on the elegance of this dinnerware was an excellent decision by Jut"
by Rebadette January 05, 2012
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Pronounced "Joot"

The act of deception/ lying.
Or the act of fooling an individual.
Brendan: mom, dad, I need $2000 for my school trip to the zoo
Mom: are you trying to Jut me?
Dad: he is trying to Jut us but he's not a jut master.
by Tank.com October 04, 2018
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A man that whos hair changes sizes each time he appears (which is any where the he hes the "joot voice). His hair ranges any where from 4 feet to 1738593 miles long either laying down or standing strait up. Being blind, he must cap anyone with the "jeet voice" with is Andy MaK gun.
Jut flew out of know where and capped Joot's bowgiz.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
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not hung; having a small penis; not well-endowed

Mainly used to call someone that has a small penis.
by xBEASTLYx July 14, 2020
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a mysterious word used to replace everything. best when used repeatedly in one sentence. derived from strange folks in eastern massachusetts.
"i hope that jut doesnt turn red"
"dont be fooled by the rocks that i got i'm stil, i'mstill puis from the jut"
"i'll mosh in your jut til its all juty like"
by MeGGeRs July 06, 2003
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