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Some 14 year old rich kid who thinks he can rap. Topix has had made some pretty hip beats including chillin to the max and s.b.c. (snapback crew).

He is widely known for the video for chillin to the max. This video features him in his rich house rapping. The video's main highlight is the random black dude that eats the doritos. His signature move is his face that doesn't move at all, AT ALL.

Topix started the ultra hip crew in one of his semi hit songs, S.B.C. He is the man behind the Snapback Crew, and he is serious about his snapbacking.
Random dude: "Hey dude are you a democrat or part of the Snapback Crew." Friend: "Man you no i'm part of that S.B.C., I always be chillin to the max with topix."
by sbccommisioner January 20, 2012
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