3 definitions by Likwit

A crazy random way of saying the word "random".
by Likwit December 1, 2004
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One who specializes in the use of emoticons on MSN Messenger.
T: I consider myself a pioneer in the study of emoticism.
D: (y)
by Likwit December 9, 2004
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D1: An English football term meaning "good play".

Can also be used in foosball.

D2: A replacement for the word "awesome" or "great".

D3: Used to describe something that is of great quality.
EX 1:
"Oh, that was a top class play Gary."
"Yes, absolutely incredible Nigel."

EX 2:
"If you could do that for me, that would be top class."

EX 3:
"Shiiiit dogg, those are some top class 24s you got there!"
by Likwit November 15, 2004
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