A Canadian two-dollar coin. See looney.
He gave me a coin, no bills. I said "What's this?" "A tooney." Damned clever, these frostbacks.
by octopod November 23, 2003
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A poor excuse to get out of doing something that thus person is too shy, lazy, or unsociable to do. Named after the infamous Daniel Toone (1991 AD).

Or pulling a member of society called Toone by the hair, either on head or pubic region.
Pulling a Tooney - "I can't come out, I have jetlag."

"I had to sign out, I thought I was ill but it turns out I was just hungry"

E.G Tooney is one lazy bastard, thus the term Pulling a Tooney to get out of something.
by chubbyfunster March 29, 2010
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