When you and your partner open-mouth kiss and put your tongue inside your partners mouth, then move it around. Also know as french kissing.
Kristin: It's hard enough to find things we have in common. I should at least be able to enjoy them.

Amber:Tongue wrestling getting old already?
by Kadi May 27, 2004
They way people make out when it is there first time they move there tongue around insted of normal making out
"WOW he cant makeout all he did was tongue wrestle" tongue wrestling
by hibabejosieeee June 24, 2010
Means straight action no arguments no talking originated from K Shordy’s single “let’s do it
“That boy John said he want a fade after school doing all that tongue wrestling in A lunch ill see him in PE in the locker room fuck waiting after school”
“Yeah he’s tongue wrestling with everybody making scenes”
I ain’t with nun of that back and forth man we can get into it

ain’t finna tongue wrestle with none of these niggas nigga let’s do it
by Glogod February 24, 2022
When you're forcefully making out with someone and regular french-kissing just isn't kinky enough. Attempting to pin opponent's tongue for three seconds or more. Victor proclaims the most powerful tongue in the land, and after he/she is permitted to do a lil dancey dance while exclaiming "Huzzah!".
Zack: "Hey Charlie, I heard you were talking mad shit tonight. You think you wanna settle the score with a tongue-wrestling match?"

Charlie: "Hell yeah, huzzah bitch. I'm ready."

*Zack and Charlie leave the room and passionately tongue-wrestle*
by wrestlemania69 February 22, 2021