(v). and (n). The ability to twist one's tonque into the shape of a taco shell, resulting in a look resembling a taco shell "V" curve.
Tongue tacoing isn't that hard to do. You just have to flex your tongue muscles, and voila! you have a tonque taco.
by boggler March 13, 2005
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When ones tongue is kept in the shape of a taco shell, filled with the desired ingredients and then inserted into a persons vagina or rectum.
"What do you want on your tongue taco babygirl?"

"Chopped onions, minced garlic and some avocado. No meat though; I'm vegetarian"
by ButtoSucco February 24, 2016
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when clyde and kyle eat taco bell and then shove their taco-flavored tongues down each other's throats.
i don't know if taco tongue is a known or a verb so

"they're taco tonguing again 🙄"
by kennycore July 28, 2020
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