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When you find a man named Tom that has been living in your basement for the last six months with a pet turtle
TomTord at its finest ;3
by Ehochanu~ December 12, 2016
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An amazing gay ship using characters named Tom and Tord from a popular show on YouTube titled 'Eddsworld', that sadly ended last year. AKA my OTP. It's the most popular Eddsworld ship on the internet, most likely because Tom and Tord hate each other. Some of the fans think that it is an abusive ship, probably because they hate each other as well, and also tried to kill each other. (I don't fucking care though, it's my OTP)
Me: "Hey Cali, do you want to do a TomTord ship game?"
Cali: "Fuck yeah bitch let's do it!"
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by IvebeenSHATTERED December 06, 2017
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a beautiful ship consisting of of two characters (tom and tord) from a series on youtube called eddsworld. the majority of the fanbase for eddsworld ships it. and it is probably the most common ship. the fanbase most likely ships it because tom and tord hate each other.
batty: i love tomtord
person: but thats gay
Batty: i dont care it's the OTP
person: but you destroy the fanbase with tomtord cancer
Batty: that's offensive to the creator of eddsworld
person: how?
batty: ...
person: WHAT?
batty: he died because of cancer!
person: well i bet he got it from you
batty: 911 can you take this person to a mental hospital?
and person was never seen again the end
by Batty_aka_tom_and_I_Loaf_tord November 04, 2017
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Tomtord is a shortening for the word tomfoolery, often used as a verb to describe someone acting foolishly.
"Did you see Edd yesterday?"

"Yeah, but he was totally just tomtording around."
by lol I don't use this May 31, 2018
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This is a ship In eddsworld. It Started in 2016 In the End.
'' Oh my god, Please Stop This Tomtord Shit! '' Said Tord
by That Smol person November 22, 2018
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