A very posh Japanese gentleman's name who has a strong obsession with anything posh and British. It's especially posh when his surname starts with 'shi.' Anyone who tries to sound/appear posh or tries to stay in the UK as long as possible on holiday could be a Tomoki. Tomoki is also a type of a person who wishes to marry a British princess so that he can be called HRH Prince Tomoki-which he would love. He is wishing to live in a palace in the future.
"I tattooed the Union Jack onto my back with the God Save the Queen lyrics. How lovely to have such jolly good tatoo."
"You're such a Tomoki."
by Mr Posh Brits September 16, 2015
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tomoki is a lad who sells vapes in a white van to little boys and shows them his massive horsecock. He is a well respected male sex worker and a beautiful man.
someone random- "did u see that white pedo van drive past?"
person with common sense- "did it have kids in the back?"
"oh well its tomoki what a sexy man"
by sury mishra November 29, 2021
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