Adj. (Toe-Gaff)to act like a complete douchebag/faggot in front of everyone.
it is faggot spelled backwards. You are about to experience a mahlment. watch out!
by Garrett Dane July 28, 2010
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someone who attributes the qualities of a dumbass, idiot; one who behaves in an extremely illogical, stupid way (shortened form: gaf)
Geeze look at that toggaf who thinks he's the shit! He looks like a complete fool right now.
by Janjawitis May 03, 2009
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1. A person who is gay

2. A short bald black guy
1. Stop being such a toggaf

2.if I was black I hope I wouldn’t look like a togaff
by Hellllqkdhdudidhdhd March 05, 2019
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