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Stands for: Tits Out For The Boys
A chant said by males for the amusement or an expression of fondness to the female breasts.
A group of Males chanting: 'TOFTB I SAID TOFTB, SAY WHAT?!'
by stephoe April 25, 2009
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Tits out for the boys
A girl or woman with ample cleavage (frequently with lack of corsetry or other support) which is inappropriately exposed in public. So much so that it draws the gaze of all passersby regardless of gender, so astonished are others by the movement of said mammories
Often a rank attempt to gain attention from the specimens of the male gender. Only results in superficial attention though as they are hypnotised by seemingly independent movement during activities such as walking, running, climbing, and pole dancing.
Woah, check out that woman, outstanding T.O.F.T.B. dear god spare my eyes
by pumpkinhead99 November 05, 2010
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