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Where a cutie-chick sheds her flip-flops and wigglingly extends her pretty toes out towards a passing mushy-hearted guy whom she knows has a major foot-fetish, prompting him to immediately postpone whatever task/errand he was engaged in and hurry over to savoringly cradle and massage her feet for half an hour.
Offering a toe-temptation to nice dude is an excellent way to get him to practically worship you and perform lots of little favors/errands for you; extra points if you also happen to be double-jointed, since this will allow him to gleefully flex your toes back at a right-angle, which is what a guy with a foot-fetish most loves to do... just present him wif yer slender tootsies every time you see him, and you'll have him totally eatin' outta yer hand before you know it.
by QuacksO July 09, 2018
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