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a thundering toddler that is overweight, small but causes maximum devistation ! tod short for toddler and zilla short for godzilla .
look at the state of my room has todzilla been in here ? watch out here comes todzilla ! I see todzilla has been in the bathroom the shampoo is missing and theres toothpaste and towels everywhere !
by h.babelicious December 21, 2008
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Coming from the word Toddler & Godzilla.

A small child, capable of causing mass destruction.
My little Todzilla just emptied out the entire box of Cheerios on the kitchen floor.
by Poochielovo January 15, 2015
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todzilla is godzilla's brother and hes always drunk and on weed/pot. Todzilla has a british accent and always listens to rap and dupstep. His hobbies include getting blowjobs, getting high, and watching porn. Watch out for Todzilla he will rape your turtle, iguana, dog, cat, and maybe even u!
todzilla: bloodywanka wanna get high with me?
godzilla: no tod, i have to focus on my career in the military! know if u wont mind i gotta go fight off the humans on a planet called earth before they come here. btw do u know where my keys r?

todzilla: oh ya i sold them for a bag of crystal meth. You didnt need that peice of garbage anyway bruh
by <3me<3 January 19, 2015
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