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A chick with a great body, but a horrible face, such that while having sex with her the man must pull the front of the matress over her face, thus resembling a toboggan.
That chick's body is smoking, but her face needs some work. What a toboggan ride she would be.
by GAD March 20, 2005
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When having sex, doggy style at the top of a flight of stairs, the man proceeds to put the female into a full nelson, thus rendering her arms helpless, and then rides her down the stairs. Caution the female will usually sustain heavy damages and will need to seek medical attention, leave this to the professionals.
My wife though she was getting kinky when she let me fuck her doggy style at the top of the stairs. Little did she know,a toboggan ride was in her future. This is why I am now divorced.

Sandra: My boyfriend showed no mercy last night and gave me horrible rug burn on my knees.
Molly: You think your boyfriend's bad? At least he didn’t put you in a full nelson and toboggan ride you down the stairs. He almost ripped my nipples off.
by Alex Mutha fuckas September 03, 2008
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when a girl is drunk, passed out, awake or is just into wierd shit, sits on a guys cock with her finger in her pussy, or if ur not kinky then you're just holding on for dear life, while going down a flight of stairs
Yo dude this girl last night got the toboggan ride after i she got shit faced
by Andis March 19, 2006
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