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A combination of "turd" and "oaf". When someone does something stupid or is a complete dick head, they are considered to be a toaf or toafy
Aweh dude you crashed the car, you're such a toaf.

You're such an idiot, stop being toafy
by baaaaaatman August 19, 2013
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An insult. Can mean either:
1. Turd oaf
2. Toe fungus
1. Wow, that ridiculous hoe is such a toaf. I can't believe homegurl would spread rumours because she be jellin'.

2. Something smells toaf-y in here, must be the doucher in the corner.
by Youcray August 19, 2013
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A toaf is a jerk who thinks people don't care about her and purposely leaves those said people. She's cold, heartless, and mean sometimes, but underneath all that, deep, deep, deeeeep down, she might care about them.

Which is strange since she's leaving them. On PURPOSE. BECAUSE SHE HAS SOME STUPID REASONS.
Person 1, the kind Ra: Grace, you shouldn't leave.
by HATCHETIME April 20, 2018
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