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to win three straight sets 6-0 (bagels) during a tennis competition (e.g. Marrickville Saturday Afternoon Comp)
"Ronald didn't drop a game today! What a Tnev!"
"Holy crap, really?"
"Nah just kidding, he lost his mixed 6-2"
by Johnny Segment November 19, 2011
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1.) (verb) drinking too much vodka, dancing recklessly to the Horrors and then vomitting in the nearest toilet, sink (bathroom or kitchen) and/or bath tub.

2.) (verb) choosing not to attend an event which is usually deemed "lame" later on

3.) (noun) a dance popularised by Kitty Monroe during the Sneakers renaissance of 2008. Actions include fixing one's fringe, hands in pockets and displaying faux (DJ) mixing skills.

4.) (noun) a young male urbanite, usually of the skinny, white pursuasion. Apparel generally required includes (but is not limited to) winkle pickers, skinny jeans, ironically unique tees/shirts that barely fit and a hairstyle that screams "casual perfection".

5.) (noun) a period of awkward silence while DJ'ing

6.) (verb) looking excessively in mirrors

7.) (verb) (in Starcraft) destroying an opponent's main with a group of multi-commanded, over-zealous zealots (must be before destroying any other structures)
1.) "That guy chucked the biggest tnev, I'm never having him around my house again."

2.) "Where's Billy? Don't tell me he's chucked a tnev!!"

3.) *The Rakes start playing at Sneakers*
"Fuck yeah! I'm gonna go do the tnev"

4.) "That dude looks like Vince Noir and Faris Rotter had a baby. What a tnev!"

5.) "So I was playing this rad MGMT remix and my ableton crashed, what a tnev!"

6.) "That guy has checked his hair out fourteen times in the last hour, what a tnev!"

7.) "Some h4x0r just tnev'd me, i've got no minz!!!"
by Segment March 20, 2009
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